These are small groups (generally 8 to 10 campers per group) that cover a diverse variety of topics.
Each camper will choose a group to be in for the entire week.

To read about the background and motivation for our group leaders, see our curriculum vitae page.


The Art Squad (AKA Art Journalism)  - Harold Goldfus

Do you want to stretch and put yourself out there as an artist?
This group will be drawing the camp week's events and exhibiting them daily. Since this group will be doing the equivalent of a daily visual newspaper, group members will be required to attend all the major camp events.

Supplies: For this group you'll want to bring a variety of drawing materials (pencils, pens, markers, pastel crayons), a folder or envelope to store loose artwork, and an 8.5 by 11 inch drawing book with detachable pages.


Soul Sanctuary  -  Lynne Fairchild

This week we will explore what it is to create a sanctuary for our souls.
Together we will nourish ourselves through experiencing a variety of nurturing spiritual activities, some indoor, some outdoor, some sitting, and some moving.

At the end of the week, you'll have some great new ideas of how you like to nourish your soul in your everyday life. We will learn from each other on how we can continue to deepen and cultivate our relationships with our souls.

Supplies:  For this group, you'll want to bring a pen and a journal. Optional: colored markers, if you like more colorful journaling.


Everyday Happiness  - Maryellen Doherty

"Think happy thoughts!" "Be happy always!" While these words look good on a refrigerator magnet, happiness can seem quite elusive until we decide to make it a focus in our day-to-day living. This week you'll have the opportunity to develop your own personal practice of Everyday Happiness.

Supplies:  For this group, you'll want to bring a journal or notebook, and something to write with.


Mosaic stained glass plus  - Don Spencer

Make a stained glass panel that lets light thru, a framed mirror, or a 3 dimensional piece. We will learn basic techniques of cutting and breaking glass, and some ideas of design. No Soldering, no lead!

This way of working with stained glass leaves more room for improvising and creativity than traditional leaded glass. Don will provide glass and tools to use, bring your ideas and Don will bring choices for art work.

For this group: You can bring your own designs, and even work in a different size or in 3-D, if you O.K. it with Don first. Beyond the basics, it’s possible to do 3 dimensional projects, like candle holders or lamp shades, or flat panels of different shapes on wood; if you bring your own base piece in the shape you want. If you are planning on doing your own design or a 3-D piece or incorporating non-glass elements, please send your ideas to Don at before camp so he can advise on suitability. If you are looking for project ideas or to learn more about mosaic work, Don recommends The Mosaic Artist's Bible by Teresa Mills and available from Amazon. (Note: group assignments are announced by early June.)

Fees: There is a $20 material cost, payable to Don.



How to give (and receive) a really good massage  - Laura Machida

Learn to alleviate pain and discomfort in the human body through massage. Learn techniques that you can use on yourself or partner to bring more relief, comfort, pain reduction, pleasure into your daily life using massage. Laura has 42 years of practicing and teaching massage.

Supplies:  For this group, We will need one massage table for every two people. Each person should bring two sheets (twin size) two towels and a pillow case. If folks have favorite massage oils they can bring what they prefer. Laura will bring oils and creams.



General Assembly  - Mark Monson

As you probably know we like to bring the spirit of Saugatuck with us wherever we go. In this group we'll make that happen by building a porch swing, one of the most memorable things at Saugatuck. If you'd like to get outdoors, create something lasting (that you don't have to pack) and be part of a team effort, this is your group. We'll be building using pre-cut pieces so you don't need woodworking experience, just enthusiasm.

Supplies: nothing, unless you have work gloves you like to use. 



Personal Projects and Custom Crafts  - Amy Beth

Bring a project of your own to work on. It could be a craft or art project, writing, reading, meditating, yoga, walking, or anything you'd like to have time to work on. There will be an option to have 15 minutes to share with the group about the project your brought, if you wish. You might want to tell how you learned it, why you like it, why it's important to you, what things block you, and perhaps demo if appropriate. These short show & tell's can be sort of an in-depth check-in about the project you are doing, and anyone who wants to share will have an opportunity at some point during the week. There will be time each day for individual work on your chosen activity after these short individual show & tell times.

Supplies:  any equipment and supplies for the projects or crafts you plan to work on.



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